…not like a you’ve been bad type of grounded (because who has time for that?).  More of the way planes are grounded when they aren’t fit for service or because conditions won’t permit take-off.

After my fall last Tuesday, I didn’t manage any more runs during the week. 

Wednesday: Straight from work to class to pick up J from PSR.  Since Jeff had taken N to practice and I wasn’t willing to leave my 8 year old alone while I ran OR run at 11 when the guys got back, I substituted 40 minutes on the bike trainer.  Still not sure how I managed to ride 62 miles on that thing.

Thursday: Didn’t get home from work until 9.  After a 12-hour day, I really could have used a run, but I had  homework.

Friday: Headed north to Chicago for a volleyball tournament.  It was a surprisingly quick trip, and we got there before 7:30.  I changed right away and headed to the fitness center since I had 14 miles scheduled for Saturday and wanted to get them out of the way.  Well…I managed 9 and was then lured away by the promise of drinks and socializing with friends I don’t see nearly enough of.  It was a good trade.

Saturday: The temperature was a crisp and sunny 30ish in downtown Chicago, but you couldn’t have proved it from inside the UIC gym, where I spent the entire day.  N’s team didn’t have as much success as we’d hoped, but he played really well.  This is particularly nice because, as you might remember, he’s only been practicing for two weeks after missing 1.5 months due to a bad ankle sprain and then surgery.

Scenic, no?
N is #9

I don’t remember being at any previous tournaments that were set up like this one.  They played all day on Saturday, and then for our boys, Sunday was single elimination.  Usually the days are split a little more evenly.  The long day inside made it difficult to manage to meet up with anyone else, but Bobbi was nice enough to come downtown to hang out with me while I watched the last matches of the day.

Blogger meet up!

It was so great to meet in person after getting to know her via her blog, and just like the other bloggers I’ve met, she’s exactly as wonderful in person as on the screen.  I felt like I’d known her forever, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next time we meet up…hopefully NOT in a gym.  🙂

Sunday: No run because I was still sore from Friday’s blisters. Watched N’s last match and then his old team play, then we headed home, pulling in around 4.  With a big project due in my Tuesday class (it’s supposed to be a group project, but as luck would have it, my partner dropped the class),  I spent about 4 hours doing research and then crashed because we had to get up early on…

Monday: Took N and J for a college visit/volleyball tryout.  While the very last thing I wanted to do after spending the weekend driving was go and drive some more, it was well worth the trip.  N liked the school, and the coach really liked him.  If they come through with a big enough scholarship, he may have found his place…which would relieve a huge load of worry for me.  Luckily, we got home early enough for me to get back on my project.  Luckily, I finished the project.  Of course, it took me until 1:30 a.m., but I’m really pleased with what I turned in, and I learned a lot doing it.

Tuesday: Did I say the last thing I wanted to do was take another long drive?  No, the last thing I wanted to do was jury duty…which just happened to be today’s assignment.  It was a very long morning, and we were called to go in for a case.  As soon as the judge said they anticipated the case would be 3-4 days, I knew I would be chosen.  Long story short, I wasn’t. 🙂  Back to work tomorrow.

So life carved a gigantic hole in my training this last week.  Not only did I miss 3 runs, including my long run, but I had to read about all the awesome outdoor things my friends were doing.  On the other hand, I’m so glad that sedentary isn’t my normal life now, and I’m beyond thrilled that my project–the last major thing for my Tuesday night class–is finished.  We’re getting closer to figuring out where N will be next year.  He has one more local club tournament, and then we’ll have a break from the numerous weekly drives to St. Louis for practice.  Life as I know it will be much closer to normal, and I’ll be able to run and ride again.

After I take a nice, long nap.

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