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Weekend update

What a great weekend it was! Despite a gloomy, stormy forecast, the rain held off on Friday (other than sprinkles).  This was great news because my first grade class had a field trip to Cahokia Mounds.  Source: Because it’s … Continue reading

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Don’t turn your back on the CAC*

I have this habit of underestimating the difficulty of something after I’ve done it once.  For example, since my half marathon I’ve considered anything shorter “only” ten miles, even though every time I train I’m reminded that, like spray foam … Continue reading

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Just Go Girl

A note to my more sensitive readers: this is a post about pee, especially peeing outside. In it, I reference pee more than your average 3 year old boy. If the topic of pee offends you, or you simply prefer … Continue reading

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The view from the sidelines

When other people were registering for today’s Go! St. Louis marathon and half marathon, I had bigger fish to fry.  My first 50K trail race was supposed to be next weekend, so I never considered running at Go.  You all … Continue reading

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Getting soaked and giving back

We’re very lucky to have some wonderful GORC-built and maintained mountain bike trails in the area, including some right in town. We have a fair number of mountain bikers and trail runners in the tri club, and we’re very thankful … Continue reading

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Things aren’t super

I really try to keep things positive here, not in a fake way, but because who wants to read all about somebody’s problems? At almost any time in life, you can find something to complain about, but having had a … Continue reading

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Easter break

In a good news/bad news type of twist, my much-anticipated Easter break was spent mostly sick in bed, bookended by great times outside. Wednesday: My birthday, regrettably not recognized as an official holiday by my school, was spent first in … Continue reading

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What makes you so Super, anyway?

Now that I’m world-famous in my own mind, having been recognized from the blog by three different strangers, and more than one of my friends has greeted me in public as SuperKate, I sometimes feel a little self-conscious about my … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me!

…totally stealing this off SuperKate‘s morning facebook post, but it so applies here as well… Today is my 39th bday. Usually I would refer to it as my 10th annual 29th birthday, but today I’m going to own it. While … Continue reading

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The Final Push (LBL Adventure Race, part 5)

Part 4 By the time we’d made our way through the woods and onto the road, our roller coaster of a race seemed to have smoothed out.  Though emotions and terrain had calmed, with the clock ticking and 8 miles … Continue reading

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