The next big thing (and a contest/giveaway)

I know it’s been all bikes, all the time for the past month or so here, so thanks to my running friends who still stop by and read and comment.  I would miss you if you were gone!  Even though my next big thing is still bike-related, the giveaway is all about running…something for everyone (except, I guess, my husband who likes neither.  Can’t make everyone happy)…

The next big thing:

After Dirty Kanza I was feeling kind of down since I had nothing really on my schedule until September’s Berryman Adventure Race…and three months without something big just won’t do.  Luckily, the Indian Camp Creek mountain bike race was coming up.  There’s a 3-hour, a 6-hour, or a 12-hour race available.  Racers ride laps on an 8ish mile course until their alotted time is up.  Scoring is by laps, then time.  I signed up for the 12-hour race, so I’ll be riding laps for 12 hours, minus whatever time I’m stopped to refuel, etc.

Granted, the two laps I rode at last year’s Broemmelsiek race were enough, and the three laps I rode at the Tall Oak Challenge pretty much kicked my butt, but after riding for 18 hours at Dirty Kanza, I was pretty sure I could ride for 12 at Indian Camp Creek.  I mean, it won’t be easy at all, but if I just did the 3- or 6-hour races I’d be sharing the trails with all the other (much, much faster) racers the whole time.  At least this way after the first 6 hours the pack will thin out considerably.  And I should get to know the trail pretty well.  And I’m much more of an endurance rider than a fast one.  Plus, since I’m the only one signed up in the female solo 12-hour division, if no one else registers I have a good chance of winning my division. ;-D

My only real goals for this race are to have fun, get in some good practice, ride as much as I can, and get some more experience eating and drinking for an endurance bike event.  While my lack of training for Dirty Kanza was my biggest weakness, my terrible eating was definitely detrimental.  No time like the present to start getting that figured out.  After all, there’s less than a year until next year’s DK200.

The contest/giveaway:

While my husband doesn’t like running or riding, he does like buying me things, and a while ago he picked up a copy of this book for me:


It’s right up my alley; he knows I always like getting books about running or biking.  If you could get better at either by reading, I’d be a multisport expert.  Long May You Run is right up my alley — a cool book filled with all kinds of fun facts about running — but I already won a copy in a blog giveaway…

I’m keeping this one

…and since I don’t need two I figured I’d give one away to a lucky reader.

How to win:

Leave me a comment guessing how many laps I’ll ride next Saturday.  I’ll randomly choose a winner from the people who guess correctly. 

Warning:  BE CONSERVATIVE.  The laps are around 8 miles.  Some of the fast guys may ride them in 40 minutes.  I am not a fast guy.  I honestly have no idea how many laps I’ll ride, but keep in mind the distance, my slowness, and the fact that some of the 12 hours (well, I can ride for 12.5 as long as my last lap is finished by then) I’ll probably be stopped.  Or dying of heat stroke.  Or curled up in a fetal position on the side of the trail.

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4 Responses to The next big thing (and a contest/giveaway)

  1. Casey says:

    You’ll finish 6 just under the cut off and decide to go out for a final lap since you have the time. So my guess is 7 laps.

  2. Okay, Kate, you know I know absolutely zero about biking, so I have to just pull a guess out of the air. I’m going to say 8 loops. If that ends up being way too few, or way too many, I want to apologize now 🙂 Whatever you end up with, I like your style – I love doing times races for training! They are the best! You have company, you won’t (theoretically) get lost or eaten by anything, and you can just chill and ride – so cool! Have fun!

    • Kate says:

      I honestly have no idea how many I’ll manage, especially since the temperature is supposed to be in the 90’s. It’s all about the experience, though, so whatever will be ok. 🙂

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