Week (or so) in review

I feel like I’ve really been off my game this summer.  Now that summer vacation is almost over, I’m trying to get myself accustomed to working out again and logging what I do for accountability.  This past week wasn’t too bad, though all my running/walking together is less than a lot of you guys’ long runs.

Saturday: 20 mile easy bike ride, hip started huring around 15 miles in.

3.5 mile road run — 11:13 pace, which was suprisingly good considering my right knee was bothering me and I walked for several minutes.  Finally I decided to see if it was one of those body fake-outs where it just doesn’t want to run and tries to convince you it’s hurt.  Once I called its bluff, my knee shut up.

Sunday: orienteering meet with Jeff and J.  J wasn’t particularly excited about the idea, but he had fun once we got there.

J finds the control

This was a 1-hour score-o, where you find as many controls as possible in the hour.  We started off taking a direct route to a control instead of following the road, and once again what looked on the map like an easy trail to follow quickly disappeared.  We made a wrong turn, got back on track, and found our first control with a little more searching.  Jeff is invaluable with the map.  He sees things MUCH more clearly than I do!

We found the next two controls without any trouble and then got mixed up again and lost a lot of time trying to figure out where we were on the map.  Finally, while Jeff was down in the brush finding a control, I was able to see what was actually ON the map rather than trying to bend it to match what was in front of me.  I told J, “Once I took a breath, it was easy to see.”   Later on, as we were scrambling again I remarked that I didn’t know where I was on the map.  He responded, “Just take a breath, Mommy.”  🙂

Monday: Started again with The New Rules of Lifting for Women’s weight training program while J was at soccer camp.  Another thing I’ve been meaning to get back to all summer but never got around to.  Better late than never.

Tuesday night: Night hike at local trails with my family.  I made the boys go, and Jeff semi-begrudgingly came along.  I was glad they was there: the woods were a little creepy after dark, and I’d have been scared alone.  The slower pace was neat because we could see spider webs lit up by the headlamps, and when I stopped to see what was reflecting my light on the side of the trail I found out it was spiders.  Kind of cool.

Wednesday:  Met up with Lindsay for a run.  We started off walking until my Garmin picked up the satellites and quickly decided that 85 degrees and humid at 7 a.m. warranted a walk.  4 miles (which we negative split. :D).  While J was at soccer camp I did my assigned lifting.

Thursday: Was supposed to run trails with Lindsay and Krystal but decided sleep sounded better.  Instead, I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill later.

Friday: Weight training

Saturday: Ran 5.3 trail miles, including a creek-running detour through a tunnel and out to the banks of the Missouri River.  My stomach hasn’t yet figured out how to combine running with all these vegetables I’ve been eating, so that made for some GI unpleasantness.  Still, I didn’t die on the run, so that’s something.

Sunday: 37 miles on the road bike.  I was supposed to meet some friends to ride 52 but neglected to find out when we were meeting, so I started out on my own.  Trailnet, a local bike advocacy group, plans, marks, and runs SAG support for the rides, so it’s a great way to get it some miles with a security blanket. 🙂  Instead of the ungodly heat we’ve been suffering, today was cooler and overcast — we actually got a little rain!

Too little, too late to help the corn.  Not a good year to be a farmer, at all.
This is pretty much what all the corn fields looked like today. Very sad. 

The nice weather did nothing to improve my initial mood, though.  I really just wanted to be home in bed, but I made myself go with the reminder that if I only exercised when I wanted to, I’d rarely get off the couch.  I used to bike alone all the time, but now that I’m used to riding with friends I’m spoiled by the company.  And the gravel — good grief, it was a gravelly route! Not so fun.  Within a few miles, though, my sour mood evaporated and I started to enjoy the day, talking to other riders along the route.

Unfortunately, by about 11 miles in, my left hip started really hurting again.  I had to work hard to talk myself out of the extra short route (~21 miles) and short (~32 miles) routes, but all my self-talk wasn’t enough to convince me to do the long one today (52 miles).  There was a SAG stop at mile 18, and then I let myself stop again at mile 30 to stretch again because I was hurting so much.  By the time I limped to the finish I was ready to shove my road bike into the deepest corner of our garage.

Luckily, I guess, the hip (which then moves into the thigh and feels like misplaced shin splints there) has only been an issue on the road bike, but it’s still frustrating to spend the large chunk of any longer ride in pain.  Today I tried raising my bike seat, which helped my knees but not my hip.  Other suggestions have been to get a professional bike fit (ugh, $$, but I’ve never had one and it would certainly be a good move) and to do more stretching to loosen my hip flexors.  Any other suggestions are welcome!

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2 Responses to Week (or so) in review

  1. Kate I’ve recently joined a strength and stretching class which has helped my flexibility a lot and has made me less achy on the bike. We do a heap of big hip stretches and it feels more like pilates and yoga than I would have expected. A bike fitting would probably help but I reckon stretching would for sure.

  2. Carilyn says:

    Girl, that was a busy week! Wow! Can’t wait to see how you like the weight training. I have several friends that LOVE it! And I will definitely remember to breathe 🙂

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