Be jealous

I was lucky enough to have a basically free Saturday this past weekend, leaving me free to meet up with a friend for lunch. Well, as it turns out, I wasn’t really free; apparently the conversation I had with my husband about it was pretty much in my mind. Um…oops? But by the time I’d realized this, plans had been set and who am I to spoil someone’s excitement about meeting me before they meet me and I spoil it in person? 🙂

J had an 8:00 soccer game, so I got up early to get in 9 miles before kickoff. I had a little trouble getting out of bed, though, so my 9 ended up being 5.5. Oh well. We grabbed breakfast, I showered, and then I headed 2.5 hours south for lunch.

My mystery date? The Pensive Pumpkin herself…and her charming husband! We had a fantastic BBQ lunch and talked for…ummm…3 hours or so? I’m pretty sure the waitstaff were considering charging us rent.

For a while we were afraid we might actually be the same person, but it turned out there are a couple notable differences…one of which being my serious lack of self-protection skills. It was a great time. We could definitely hang out together any time. Pretty sure if we hiked the PCT together we’d have a blast.


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One Response to Be jealous

  1. Two of my favorite Blogging friends in one place – too awesome! I hope I get to meet you both some day! 🙂

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