The 8-year plan

If you read my Super Century blog post, you might remember that I watched Ride the Divide and was really caught up by the movie. If you’re connected to me on Facebook, you might have seen me posting more about it. I’m currently a little obsessed with this race, you guys. It looks amazing and hard and terrifying.

I want to do it. Mark my words, if you’re still reading my blog in 8 years, you’re going to be reading about my preparations for the 2021Tour Divide.

After I decided on an 8 year goal, I did the math and realized I’ll be 48 that year. That threw me a little, but when I thought about it, many of the people regularly kicking my butt on bikes and riding circles around me are 8-10 years older than I am (also, many are much younger than I am. Whatever.) Age doesn’t have to be an obstacle to adventure; in my case, that’s 8 more years of bike experience and growing confidence. Besides, Jill Homer’s post on women of the 2012 Tour Divide listed several 40+women.

Why 8 years? Well, I think by that time my life will be more conducive to a tackling a 4ish week, 2,700 mile adventure (because once you’ve got a family and responsibilities, there’s probably no good time to take off for a month on your bike).

  • We should be in a significantly better financial position so that my adventures don’t prohibit family adventures or keep my husband from being able to chase his dreams.
  • My youngest will be in his late teens and plenty old enough to deal with me being away for a month.
  • My husband will have nearly a month a vacation time, freeing him to be part of the departure and/or end of the race.
  • It may take me 8 years to learn some basic bike wrenching skills so I’m not left with double-digit hike-a-bikes in the absence of mechanically inclined good Samaritans.
  • The next several years will give me the opportunity to start doing some smaller bike-packing trips, acquiring gear, and figuring out what works for me.

And a final, slightly embarrassing “why 8 years?”

  • At first I thought a 5-year plan would be good; then I decided it would be cool to do the Tour Divide in 2020…and forgot that it was 2013 now. Once I’d (mis)calculated the time til 2020, the number 8 just seemed right.

So…am I crazy? Maybe. Stupid? Well, clearly math isn’t my best subject. Excited? You bet.

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6 Responses to The 8-year plan

  1. Love it, Kate! I watched Ride the Divide over the holidays and thought it was so cool! And I also bought Jill Homer’s book, Arctic Glass, and read it during the same time. So great to be inspired by the same things!

    And yes, you can totally rock it at 48. Connie Gardner, my running hero, just set the American Record in the 24 Hour at 48 years old. She’d been trying for it for at least 5 years, and had an almost-5 mile PR! Age just makes us smarter and more resilient, especially on the long stuff – and 2100 miles is kinda long 🙂

    You rock, sista’!

    • Kate says:

      I’m wanting to buy Jill’s book about riding the Tour Divide, Be Brave Be Strong. Too funny we were both on the same topic around the same time! 🙂

  2. Casey says:

    I heard ther are stopping the race after the 20th anniversary of the race. You might have to make it a seven year plan.

    No, I am just playing. I haven’t heard anything about the race disappearing. Hell, I have even played with the idea of this race but have no plan in place yet. I need to research the reality of it a little more and see what I can pull together. It is a lot of time away from work and family. But I’d love to do it. Once I have a plan, if I choose to pursue this, I will do it. Hey, maybe in 8 years. You never know.

  3. Marcia says:

    Sounds like so much fun and totally doable at 48. I love this 8 yr planning thing you’ve got going!

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