Sony #FitnessWalkman giveaway


I recently got the opportunity to receive a free water-resistant Sony Walkman MP3 player from with the possibility of winning a waterproof one in the future. Thanks to Tricia, I actually won a similar MP3 player a year or so ago, so I figured I’d pass it on to one of you guys.

This Sony Walkman is obviously a far cry from the old school Walkmen from back in the day. This design eliminates the wires flopping around between MP3 player and headphones, and it plays nice with an iTunes library with just a few clicks. If you’d like to win, comment below. For an additional entry, tweet “I entered to win a @SonyElectronics #FitnessWalkman from @kgeisen”. I’ll choose a winner using on April 8. Good luck!

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5 Responses to Sony #FitnessWalkman giveaway

  1. dawgchad says:

    Give-aways? You rock. Good luck to me!

  2. Janice says:

    ooo, nice giveaway! That’d be perfect because I’d love to listen to music and exercise, but I don’t want to have to carry the player in my hand (if I don’t have a pocket)!

  3. Wen says:

    I can use a pair of headphones. For some reason the right side always dies and I’m left with only the left.

  4. Theresa J says:

    I would love a chance

  5. Theresa J says:

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