Sony walkman giveaway winner

Congratulations to Brandon LePage, one of my twitter entrants, on winning my Sony Walkman giveaway!  It’ll soon be on its way to you…hope you enjoy your new MP3 player!

Thanks to everybody who entered…wish I could have given one to all of you!

In other news, I’ve been busily working on my race report from Carnage at the Creek (2), Team Virtus‘s fourth annual adventure non-race, and then I’ll start on my ride report from the next day’s awesome 50-mile gravel ride.  Yet another candidate for best weekend ever.

Pre-race with Kim, yet another person I met on the internet who has become a close friend.
C-G ride 4/2013
Gravel on a glorious day.

Maybe I’ll even finish both of those before heading back to Jefferson City for this weekend’s Ava Brown 5K.  Hard to believe my goal 5K is almost here.  Much easier to believe that I began my race “taper” with an 8 hour adventure race followed by a long bike ride.

Even if I do blow it this weekend and not hit my goals (sub-25:00, which I know is plenty slow for many runners but would be a big PR for me), I wouldn’t trade the fun I had this past weekend for the certainty of a PR.  Actually training more or less faithfully and pushing myself has been pretty rewarding, so no matter what my time is this whole race will be a positive for me.  And training has been good, so anything could happen.  I’d say the goal is definitely within reach.

Now I just have to figure out how to warm up before a race.  I’ve never actually done that before.

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2 Responses to Sony walkman giveaway winner

  1. Yay for racing! I’m impressed you are doing a 5k. I keep promising myself I will suck it up and race one, but I always chicken out 🙂

  2. Brandon says:

    Thanks Kate! I’m pumped. In honor of this new workout device, I’m actually gonna workout! I got a bike trailer this week, so I’m gonna take my daughter out for a ride next week! Thanks again, Kate. Very cool!

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