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Going solo: BonkHard Chill volunteer report

What do you do when no one wants to go along with your brilliant ideas? I used to miss out on a lot because I was afraid to do things alone, but in the past five or so years I’ve … Continue reading

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Adventure racing for cheapskates

Adventure racing, while being the coolest sport on the planet, can present some obstacles to the budget-minded athlete. Prospective racers first face the hurdle of acquiring basic gear, but it doesn’t stop there. Unlike camping, where most expenses are incurred … Continue reading

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Adventure Racing 101: How to build your Personal Adventure Network

In education, the Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a popular concept. Basically, a PLN is a network of resources — blogs, websites, and individuals — that inform and inspire you in your career. Similarly, aspiring (or active) adventure racers can … Continue reading

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2013 in Review

Quick Stats Total races: 20 Orienteering: 2 Running: 8 Biking: 7 Adventure races: 3 Volunteering: 4 Night bike rides: 3 Times crying during night bike rides: 0 Races my family watched: 1 PRs: 4 Times placed in AG: 3 DNF: … Continue reading

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Cyclocross for dummies

Before my first CX race last year the sum total of my “training” was to preride the course the morning of the race.  This year, I actually made it out to the practice course once before the first race and … Continue reading

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2012 Castlewood 8-Hour adventure race volunteer report

I spent my oldest child’s 20th birthday volunteering at the Castlewood 8-Hour adventure race.  I didn’t even have to feel guilty about being gone all day since he was out of town visiting friends. My team had actually planned to race, … Continue reading

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Last November I got a chance to see my first cyclocross race and thought it looked like hard, scary fun.   Sort of a cross between mountain biking and criterium riding, but not that much like either, cyclocross (or CX) … Continue reading

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A post about staying on topic (where I don’t)

I named this blog “SuperKate” in part because it didn’t require me to stick to one subject.  I guess no name would require you to, but if I named it “Kate on the Run” or something, you’d expect a lot … Continue reading

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“We’re not stalkers, we’re fans…” Football is a big deal in our house.  Like, A Big Deal.  My husband and 8 year old son went to nearly every one of the St. Louis Rams’ open training sessions (I think Steven … Continue reading

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Getting soaked and giving back

We’re very lucky to have some wonderful GORC-built and maintained mountain bike trails in the area, including some right in town. We have a fair number of mountain bikers and trail runners in the tri club, and we’re very thankful … Continue reading

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