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Get back on that horse and ride

So go ahead. Fall down. The world looks different from the ground. ~Oprah Winfrey Saturday I met up with some friends for a bike ride.  We all have long gravel races coming up: this weekend’s OGRE (150 miles) for Keith … Continue reading

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Little Lost Creek and the bifecta

Dirty Kanza is looming in just a couple short months. Right now I’m about 100 miles ahead of where I was from January to mid-March last year. That difference is small enough to give me mini-anxiety attacks when I think … Continue reading

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Holiday binge

Usually I spend Christmas break stuffing myself with all manner of delicious food from the multiple family parties we attend. This year, I (mostly) avoided the cookies and candy and instead devoured all of the opportunities to get outside and … Continue reading

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National Adventure Day(s) Lite

When my friends at ROCK Racing and the 100+ Project came up with the idea for National Adventure Day(s) (NADs for short), I thought it was brilliant.  Because NADs fall on October 12 and 13 — between two big race … Continue reading

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This girl will self-destruct in 10 seconds

Don’t worry…this is no cry for help. Rather, it’s an admission that maybe I overdid it this weekend.  That possibly my lack of discipline and inability to say no to things that sound fun could be getting in the way … Continue reading

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Not gonna melt

I’d been looking forward to this past weekend for ages. I had fun outdoor plans both days, and the meteorologists were forecasting glorious weather for Saturday, a high of 63 and sunny. While we haven’t had a terribly cold winter, … Continue reading

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SHITR Happens

When the evil geniuses at ROCK Racing first proposed the idea of the SHivering Icy Trail Run (SHITR) half marathon, we were all kind of hoping for cold temps and snow.  After all, an unsupported trail half marathon run at … Continue reading

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Recipe for Adventure

A holiday like Columbus Day, which grants some of us a day off of work without the family requirements of the major holidays, is the perfect opportunity for adventure, and we had all the right ingredients this past Monday: a jazzy … Continue reading

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Sweat Your Thorns off 5K

Last year’s SYTO5K yielded one of my favorite race reports EVER, mostly because it was a complete work of fiction.  This year, lacking a photoshop victim, I actually had to do the running.  That’s ok, though, because I just signed … Continue reading

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