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Indian Camp Creek “9” hr mountain bike race

This past Saturday was the Indian Camp Creek , mountain bike race, an endurance event featuring 3/6/9 hour divisions for solos and teams.  Two years ago I raced in the 12-hour edition of this event, riding 9 laps (72 miles) … Continue reading

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Get back on that horse and ride

So go ahead. Fall down. The world looks different from the ground. ~Oprah Winfrey Saturday I met up with some friends for a bike ride.  We all have long gravel races coming up: this weekend’s OGRE (150 miles) for Keith … Continue reading

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Little Lost Creek and the bifecta

Dirty Kanza is looming in just a couple short months. Right now I’m about 100 miles ahead of where I was from January to mid-March last year. That difference is small enough to give me mini-anxiety attacks when I think … Continue reading

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Bikes on the brain (part 1)

Gravel season is upon us, my friends.  Last Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed at the delightful hour of 9:30 to a facebook reminder about Dirty Kanza registration.  Not ten minutes later, I was signed up and committed to … Continue reading

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Holiday binge

Usually I spend Christmas break stuffing myself with all manner of delicious food from the multiple family parties we attend. This year, I (mostly) avoided the cookies and candy and instead devoured all of the opportunities to get outside and … Continue reading

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Racing in a winter wonderland: 2013 Castlewood 8-Hour

The first thing I did after turning off the 5:30 alarm was to check weather.com and groan: 10 degrees. All week long I’d been obsessing over forecasts of highs in the low 20’s with a rising sense of dread, but … Continue reading

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Ah, summer…

My summer is fast seeping away; in fact, I’ve spent the past two days in optional inservices with one more to go tomorrow, but I’ve tried to cram as much into the last bit as possible. There was last Thursday’s … Continue reading

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