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Sophomore year

If you’ve been reading my blog for long at all, it’s no secret that navigation isn’t one of my strong points.  It’s something I really want to improve on, which is why I spent a lot of my Christmas break … Continue reading

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Bikes on the brain (gravel edition)

The thing about a long weekend, especially once where my family is otherwise occupied, is that I get greedy. This whole endurance sports thing is still new enough to me that there’s a real kid-in-a-candy-store vibe to it. I want … Continue reading

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Bikes on the brain (part 1)

Gravel season is upon us, my friends.  Last Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed at the delightful hour of 9:30 to a facebook reminder about Dirty Kanza registration.  Not ten minutes later, I was signed up and committed to … Continue reading

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Practice makes…better

My navigational incompetence is no secret.  I do OK with Jeff along to help me out when I get stuck, but solo attempts have ended in tears and my turns at navigating during rogaines typically go awry. Granted, it’s not … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Break

Man, I love a 5-day weekend.  Of course, no matter how long you’re off it’s never long enough, but I managed to fit a lot of fun into my Thanksgiving break. Wednesday: Grocery store (not particularly fun), pie making, and … Continue reading

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This girl will self-destruct in 10 seconds

Don’t worry…this is no cry for help. Rather, it’s an admission that maybe I overdid it this weekend.  That possibly my lack of discipline and inability to say no to things that sound fun could be getting in the way … Continue reading

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I <3 my bike(s)

Half marathon training is going…slowly.  After a strong start, I’ve had a couple weeks of skipped runs and lagging paces (hmmm…could there be a connection there? lol).  Today’s 9 miles was tough, with the last couple miles being pretty ugly. … Continue reading

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What’s SUP with me

In my last post I mentioned having to leave pretty quickly after the race because we had plans.  My friend Patrick, who’s been a gateway to cool new things as long as I’ve known him, had sent a link about … Continue reading

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Good news and a gut check

That time when people used to care about each other? It’s still here, and while sometimes you need to look a little harder for it, other times it pretty much smacks you in the face.  Or the Facebook. I’ve been … Continue reading

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2013 goals and race schedule

I’ve been reading along as everyone posts their 2013 resolutions and/or goals, and while I’ve been excited and inspired by all the cool things people are planning, I’ve felt a little aimless.  2012 was a Very Good Year.  I did … Continue reading

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