2014 Race schedule

NOTE: All of this is a work in progress and depends on finances, the continuing goodwill of my loving husband, and nothing more interesting coming up.  I’m sure that I’ll add in some local 5Ks and 10Ks, some orienteering meets, some mountain bike races, and some organized (and possibly disorganized) rides.  Maybe a triathlon?  Who knows.



1/11/14   SHivering Icy Trail Run – nighttime trail half marathon…(actually about 11 miles thanks to a weather-forced reroute)

1/18/14 MLK Berryman ride 26 miles of singletrack

1/19/14 Joe Dirt ride 46 miles of gravel

1/25/14  Frozen Feet Half Marathon


2/22/14 Cliff Cave o-meet


3/15/14 BonkHard Chill (volunteering)

3/28-30 High Profile Adventure Camp (volunteering)


4/5-6 Tour of Hermann gravel stage race

4/12/14 Ava Brown Memorial 5K


5/3/14 Cedar Cross (113 mile gravel race)

5/10/14 Girls on the Run 5K (running with a GOTR)

5/25/14 Indian Camp Creek Night-O (orienteering meet)

5/31/14 Dirty Kanza (200 mile gravel bike race)


6/21/14 Indian Camp Creek 9 hr (mtb race)

6/28-29 Stubborn Mule 30 hr adventure race


Tom Sawyer Days mud volleyball tournament

Hannibal Cannibal 5k


8/23-24 Thunder Rolls 24 hour adventure race




10/18 Perfect 10 Rogaine (10 hour orienteering race)


Skippo 30K


Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Race



Super Century – an indoor metric trainer century ride…what could be less fun?


Graveyard Gravel Grinder

3/22-24/13  High Profile Adventure Camp/Lightning Strikes Adventure Race – volunteer report


4/6/13 – Carnage at the Creek 2 – Team Virtus adventure non-race – good times. 🙂

4/13/13   Ava Brown Memorial 5K 2nd woman overall, 1st place AG


5/4/13 Cedar Cross – 100is miles of Missouri by bike over primarily gravel roads.  2nd last finisher overall, last woman. 🙂

5/19/13 Broemmelsiek Challenge mountain bike race – marathon (3 hr) division


6/1/13   Dirty Kanza 200 DNF. Again.

6/22/13  Indian Camp Creek 12hour mountain bike race – this is tentative and could get scrapped if vacation plans get in the way.  I’d like to redeem myself from last year, and as bad as the last lap was last year, the rest of the race was a good experience.  The fact is that without a race forcing me to keep riding, I tend to chicken out after a couple hours.


7/6/13   My family always plays in a mud volleyball tournament over July 4 weekend.  If I’m feeling it, I’ll also race in the Hannibal Cannibal 5K the morning of the tournament.

7/4/13 Firecracker 10K

7/13/13 Tour de Donut – 2nd place AG, 9th woman overall


8/24/13  Thunder Rolls 24 hr Adventure Race – favorite AR to date


Wild Trak Bikes’ Superprestige Cyclocross series – I loved my first cx experience last year, and even if I continue my last-place streak it’s a great workout.

  • 9/8/13 Rock Springs Park – 3rd cat 4 women, 4th open women (but only because there were only 4 finishers :D)
  • 9/22/13 La Vista Park
  • 9/29/13 Gordon Moore Park

9/28-29 Berryman Advenure Race 24 hour  Sad face.  My first time missing this race since I started adventure racing.


10/19   Perfect 10 Rogaine

More cyclocross


Skippo 30k – I’d like this to be terrible because I’m running so hard rather than terrible because I can barely hobble like last year.


1/7/13  Castlewood 8-hour adventure race – either racing or volunteering…I definitely don’t want to miss it!

Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Run – I’ll be looking for a new PR and a better running experience than this last race.


2/25/12    Castlewood Cup 15K trail race

3/24-25/12   LBL Challenge 24-Hour Adventure Race

3/31/12     Tracks n Treads off-road biathlon

4/21/12    Carnage at the Creek (Team Virtus non-race)

6/2/12      Dirty Kanza lite? (50 mile version) Dirty Kanza 200 mile version

6/16/12     Goomna Adventure Race Bob had to work

6/23/12    Indian Camp Creek 12 hour mountain bike race

7/6-9/12 Mississippi Mud Volleyball tournament (Hannibal, MO)

7/14/12 Tour de Donut bike race

8/25/12  The Thunder Rolls 24 hour adventure race

9/8/12  Wakarusa Off-Road Challenge?

9/15/12 Prison Break

9/22/12  Berryman Adventure 12-hour adventure race

10/20/12  Perfect 10 rogaine

11/10/12  Skippo 30K

11/11/12  Patrick’s 12-hour training run (I anticipate large amounts of spectating)

12/1/12   Castlewood 8-Hour AR volunteer report

12/8/12  Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Race (another crack at my nemesis)



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