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Monster bike ride

What better month than October to join in a Monster ride on the Katy Trail? No, not the “things that go bump in the night” kind of monsters (sorry, Pensive Pumpkin!), but the kind that’s titanium and oh, so pretty.  … Continue reading

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Death by CX

When my last post left off, I was driving home from a fantastic ten-hour orienteering meet. My little car was ridiculously full, stuffed with my race pack, clothes bag, sleeping mat, (soaked) sleeping bag, (drenched) tent, cooler…and my bike. I … Continue reading

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O School

A large gap between big races is usually grounds for the onset of post-race depression, but Bonkhard Racing was kind enough to give me a little AR fix between the Berryman Adventure and Castlewood 8-Hour races. While the Perfect 10 … Continue reading

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Recipe for Adventure

A holiday like Columbus Day, which grants some of us a day off of work without the family requirements of the major holidays, is the perfect opportunity for adventure, and we had all the right ingredients this past Monday: a jazzy … Continue reading

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Last November I got a chance to see my first cyclocross race and thought it looked like hard, scary fun.   Sort of a cross between mountain biking and criterium riding, but not that much like either, cyclocross (or CX) … Continue reading

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A conversation…

This past Friday was a teacher institute day, which are normally fun breaks from the routine where we get to learn new ways of presenting informations and cool techniques and activities to use in our classrooms.  Thanks to a law … Continue reading

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(Mis)adventures in night running

*”Nighttime” to include any time that it’s dark.  So 4 a.m. = nighttime. The advent of fall’s shorter days combined with the resumption of my running routine means that I’m spending a lot of time these days running in the … Continue reading

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A post about staying on topic (where I don’t)

I named this blog “SuperKate” in part because it didn’t require me to stick to one subject.  I guess no name would require you to, but if I named it “Kate on the Run” or something, you’d expect a lot … Continue reading

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