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Week (or so) in review

I feel like I’ve really been off my game this summer.  Now that summer vacation is almost over, I’m trying to get myself accustomed to working out again and logging what I do for accountability.  This past week wasn’t too … Continue reading

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Random facts

Pensive Pumpkin tagged me with a pretty new blog award that allows, no requires me to share some new things with you.  Let’s see if I can come up with 11 things… The Rules Each person must post 11 things … Continue reading

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Training and misc.

It’s no secret that my training has been anemic this summer, basically consisting of big bike race, recover, big bike race, recover, little bike race. In this instance, “recover” can pretty much be understood to mean “sit on your ass and … Continue reading

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To eat or not to eat, that was the question

This was my fourth year riding in the Tour de Donut, but it was the first year I had to think about breakfast. In the past, I’ve gone singlemindedly focused on eating as many donuts as possible, with both good … Continue reading

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Summer of non-fiction

Wow, nothing much to say lately.  Seems like I’ve spent my whole summer recovering from long bike races.  And reading.  I have done a lot of reading.  Somewhat surprisingly since I love me a good novel, most of it has … Continue reading

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Lovely blog award

Caroline tagged me a while ago for the Lovely Blog Award.  I’d say Canada Day is a pretty appropriate day to finally get around to it! 🙂 The rules: 1. Thank the person who awarded the award : Thanks Caroline! … Continue reading

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